Love Your Neighbor Program

Love Your Neighbor is just another way that you are able to provide assistance to the poor and homeless of the Quad Cities. Under this program a volunteer is matched with a person or family in need.

The volunteer will assist the family/person with various tasks of day to day living. This is intended to allow the family/person to become a self-sufficient, productive member of the community.

The family/person may need assistance with any of the following:

  • Assistance with job seeking which could include:
    • help completing the job application
    • ride to and from a job interview
    • calling businesses for information about opportunities
    • searching the classifieds in the paper or on-line
  • Assistance when searching for housing, which could include:
    • how to call and speak to a potential landlord
    • completing rental applications
    • ride to and from apartment/house to met with the landlord
  • Transportation which could include:
    • to grocery store
    • drug store
    • medical appointments
  • A friendly call to let them know that someone cares.